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On the Issues


    John Marty’s bold vision consists of smart, fiscally responsible policies for Minnesota's future. As Senator he has shown the vision, courage, and hard work needed to address the challenges we face. John Marty believes in providing detailed information to our community about where he stands on the issues. Please click through the following links for more information on John Marty’s policy positions:

    • Balancing the Budget: Reclaiming a healthy budget process is essential.

    • Investing in Jobs: Smart investments by the state will put people to work and stimulate the economy.

    • Investing in Minnesota’s Health: John's Minnesota Health Plan, the only truly universal, single-payer health care proposal under consideration, will make Minnesotans healthier, save money, and stimulate the economy.

    • Investing in Democracy: Clean Elections and IRV. Amplifying the voices of Minnesotans, and fighting corporate clout by taking on their lobbyists and special interest money, will help us face the many challenges before us.

    • Investing in Education: Preparing our students for the future must, once again, be a top priority for Minnesota.


        Please click through the following links for John Marty’s positions on a number of additional important issues:

        Senator Marty has a long record of courageous and outspoken leadership on issues facing Minnesota. Perhaps the best way to illustrate his vision and leadership is to use his own words. Click on the links below to see John's columns on some key issues facing Minnesota.