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Your Voice

    “We cannot afford to go on this way, averaging $8000 out of pocket expenses on a 30,000 dollar income. I am spending all of my retirement on health care! We the people want something done NOW.
    —Rodger A. Welke

    “We know you are a strong advocate for Minnesota children, families, and our environment, and that you have dedicated yourself to serving the greater good.”
    —Lisa Wersal and Louis Asher

    “We’re with you- we need a grassroots movement in this country. Go for it. God Bless.”
    —Anita Aly

    “We heard you speak [on the Minnesota Health Plan]. . . and it was one of the most refreshing speeches I’ve ever heard from a local official. I wholeheartedly agree with your emphasis on prevention as a cost cutting and problem stopping approach. Too many officials solve problems like a game of whack-a-mole. Thank you for your service to the state and we support you all the way!.”
    —Wendy Lyman-Buttler