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Why we Need John Marty in the Senate

    Senator John Marty has provided bold leadership – from legislation moving Minnesota to a clean energy economy, to government ethics and campaign finance reform, to passage of major mental health legislation.

    He represents District 66, which includes portions of St. Paul and Roseville, and all of Lauderdale and Falcon Heights.

    A tireless advocate for economic justice for working people, Marty consistently fights for workers' rights, authoring legislation to ensure that all workers receive a living wage, and fights to fully fund childcare and early childhood education.

    Senator Marty has stood up to the most powerful lobbyists in Minnesota politics. He has been recognized for his consistent environment leadership, and is a Sierra Club Environmentalist of the Year recipient.

    Marty works to restore public trust in Government. As author of Minnesota's government ethics law, and campaign finance reform legislation, he walks the talk: For the sake of our democracy, his campaign rejects all special interest money. No PAC money. No Lobbyist money. No soft money. Period.

    Senator Marty has led the fight to provide healthcare for all, not health insurance for some. He is the chief author of the MN Health Plan, a single payer health plan that would cover all people for all of their medical needs. The MN Health Plan would actually save money through efficient delivery of care and elimination of insurance bureaucracy.