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Establishing a Fair, Responsible State Budget

    John Marty understands the need for a fair, responsible state budget. His work is grounded in common sense and fiscal responsibility. The way to save money in the long term is: (a) don’t spend money on things you shouldn’t spend it on, (b) fight waste and abuse at every level, and (c) identify and take advantage of public programs and services with a high return on investment – services that help people reach their full potential.

    Over the years, John has been fighting against mismanagement, one-time shifts and accounting gimmicks, and working for real solutions to Minnesota’s budget problems. Marty seeks to put the long-term interests of the state ahead of short-term political gains and engage in an honest conversation about what is required to reclaim a healthy budget process. The people of Minnesota deserve a respectful discussion of tax and fiscal matters, where public officials talk openly about the costs and benefits of various programs and services, without pretending that public services are free or that taxes should always be cut.

    We can reverse the effects of former Governor Pawlenty's shifting of the tax burden to city, county, and school districts and property taxpayers. We can reverse the short-sighted tax policies of the past that caused budget problems. We can once again invest in schools, public safety, and public health, which create and sustain productive jobs with good wages, stimulating the economy and strengthening communities.

    Long-Term Planning.

    Unfair, regressive tax policies have hurt families who are struggling to make ends meet. It is time for a fair, progressive tax policy where those who have benefited most from the economy pay their fair share, so that middle income families are not over-burdened.

    Inadequate budgets have aggravated social ills, left dilapidated infrastructure unattended to, hurt vulnerable people, and failed to take advantage of public investments with long-term returns. This failure to invest in physical and human infrastructure has ultimately driven up the state’s expenses. Economists agree: (a) using cuts as an economic development model has failed, (b) Minnesota will again face budget deficits unless we have a structurally responsible budget, and (c) Minnesota has been missing a focus on long-term planning and investment.

    John Marty’s legislative strategy has always had one key consideration at its core: Do what is in the best long-term interest of Minnesota. Whether the issue is crime, health care, education, infrastructure, or the environment, John Marty knows that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    Minnesota has a rich tradition of shared accountability and taking the long-term view. John Marty will continue working to maintain that proud heritage by making smart choices that offer the public a strong return on its investment. We will build a better Minnesota and ultimately, reduce costs to taxpayers.

    Senator Marty has a long record of courageous and outspoken leadership on issues facing Minnesota. Perhaps the best way to illustrate his vision and leadership is to use his own words. Click on the links below to see John's columns on some key issues facing Minnesota.