Senator Marty led numerous fights against big Pharma and their price gouging and authored numerous laws that improve our healthcare system. He has been heavily involved in the fight to address the insulin pricing crisis.

But despite countless small – though very important! – improvements that he and others have accomplished, John points out that our healthcare system in fundamentally broken. Minnesotans, like all Americans, pay twice as much per person for healthcare than other countries, yet our outcomes are worse than those countries.

John authored the Minnesota Health Plan to provide comprehensive, high quality healthcare to every Minnesotan, with no exceptions. His legislation, which has received national recognition, is the only proposal that would deliver universal healthcare, and the only proposal that would save money. Senator Marty says, “it’s time to stop tinkering with healthcare reform and fix the problem,” because lives are at stake.

Why Does Senator Marty Focus on the proposed Minnesota Health Plan?

The Minnesota Health Plan (MHP) is not just another bill. John pushes it because, it fixes our dysfunctional healthcare system. Yes, Minnesota has some of the best doctors, nurses, and other medical providers, some of the best clinics, and some of the best medical technology and research in the world. But we squander those incredible assets on a dysfunctional system for accessing care. Despite the excellent care we have available, the World Health Organization ranks the U.S. 37th in health outcomes, just ahead of Slovenia and Cuba. We spend twice as much yet leave many without access to care. Unlike the MHP:

  • No other proposal covers everyone.
  • No other proposal covers all medical needs.
  • No other proposal gives patients their choice of provider.
  • No other proposal addresses the shortage of primary care doctors, nurses, dentists, and other providers.
  • No other proposal prevents insurance companies and government from denying care.
  • No other proposal saves money.