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    Senator Marty is Working for Healthcare for ALL People

    While Senator Marty strongly supports the improvements in access to health care that will be obtained under President Obama's Affordable Care Act, the ACA will not address many of the problems with cost, access, and quality in our dysfunctional health care system. Senator Marty's proposed Minnesota Health Plan would be a single, statewide plan that would cover all Minnesotans for all their medical needs. Equally important, it would reduce the need for costly medical care through public health, education, prevention and early intervention. Under the plan, patients would be able to see the medical providers of their choice when they need care, and their coverage would not end when they lose their job or switch to a new employer. Consumers would use the same doctors and medical professionals, the same hospitals and clinics, but all the payments, covering all of the costs, would be made by the plan, and everyone would be covered. A number of groups, such as Physicians for a National Health Plan are building a coalition to help pass universal health care, such as the Minnesota Health Plan for Minnesota in 2016. Learn more about the Minnesota Health Plan (MHP):

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